So, whether you’re at your pre-surgery stage or you’re just about to get discharged after an ostomy, one thing is for sure; you are worried about ostomy odors and gas. And it’s okay, anxiety is a common experience shared around this whole surgery thing. But you know what? You’ve got this. In this article, I will empower you with working tips that promote a healthy post-surgery chapter and that keep ostomy gas and odor at bay. Keep scrolling to find out. By the way, check here for the best stoma protector shield.

Minimizing Ostomy Gas

Now, you probably already are an individual who releases gas frequently. Whether that’s you or not, ostomy makes you release gas. More gas. But this time…in your ostomy pouch. However, before giving you the solutions, here are the causes of ostomy-induced gas releases;

  1. You are consuming a large content of carbonated beverages, alcohol, or sugary drinks frequently.
  2. You open your mouth too widely when talking or you scream a lot, letting in more air through the mouth.
  3. You indulge in chewing bubble gums or you’re caught in the habit.
  4. You spend more time in windy locations or in a space with a high-speed electric fan.

And the solutions?

    • Use gas filters; they can be attached to your pouching system though some special pouches come with built-in gas filters. These filters let out the gas produced in your bowel as it is being produced so nothing is accumulated. But one thing though; make sure the filter you’re buying isn’t made of the kind of metal that can rust too quickly due to contact to the fluid discharged by the body.
  • Eat Right/Drink Right; like I mentioned previously, taking carbonated beverages and chewing bubble gums increases the amount of gas you produce. So, you might as well just cut down on those or avoid them completely. Another thing, increase the amount of water you take for body system cleansing. That also reduces gas production.
  • Stay Out Of The Air Condition; okay, I didn’t mean it that way. What I am trying to say is, figure out a way to build around you an environment that’s not too windy. Keep the AC low and use it less. Don’t stay out the door when it’s windy. What else? Make it a practice to keep your voice low when talking, that way your mouth isn’t wide open enough to let in air in a large volume.

Minimizing Ostomy Odor

  • Empty your pouch in time; one proven routine that keeps the pouching system odor-free is emptying it when it’s filled up to half of its one third. The routine also makes sure your pouch doesn’t bulge, neither break, nor have leaks around it.
  • Develop healthy eating habits; I have hinted on this previously, but here are some healthy eating tips for people with ostomy;
  • Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing it.
  • Eat moderately; don’t overeat or eat too little.
  • Stick to one easy diet plan so your body gets accustomed to it.
  • Reduce your evening meals or stay away from eating in the evening if you can.


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