Are your team members still printing documents, filling envelopes, and making trips to the mailbox? Or, worse yet, is the company forced to wait for paperwork to make its way through the nearest closing office? These are experiences no office worker should face—and digital signatures offer a viable alternative.

Digital Signatures: What Are They?

Also called electronic signatures, digital signatures are cryptographic operations combining the signature itself and the data used during the authentication process. With public key infrastructure technology, digital signatures provide a ‘paper trail’ of sorts, ensuring that the signature hasn’t been altered. For recipients and senders alike, electronic signatures offer faster routing and additional reassurance. In the sections below, we’ll discuss the benefits of an e-signature API in the workplace.

Better Service and Faster Transactions

In today’s competitive marketplace, customers expect instant gratification—and companies are finding it harder to keep them satisfied. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, thanks to the ability to send and sign forms electronically. 

Electronic signatures turn companies into allies who demonstrate their respect for customers’ busy schedules. When clients are empowered, they’re more likely to stick around, and it becomes easier to establish lasting relationships.

Less Room for Error

Where contracts are concerned, there’s no margin for error. Paper-based systems, however, are prone to mistakes such as typos and improperly placed signatures, making it harder to manage contracts. However, form and contract automation via digital signatures will greatly decrease the frequency with which these mistakes are made. When checks are required at regular intervals during the validation process, companies enjoy greater convenience and control while saving time and looking more professional.

Simplified Workflows

E-signatures use advanced validation processes to ensure that documents are signed by those sending them. In the past, this required help from third parties—which took time. Now, digital signature technology can be incorporated into forms directly, with no outside help needed.

Maintaining Security and Compliance

In paper-based systems, transaction disputes can get messy fast. With digital signatures, though, auditing is easier. Users can review every step in a transaction: ownership at each stage, when events occurred, and their relevance—even if the deal was done months before.

Additionally, it’s easy for users to set different permissions and roles within the signature process. Here, if a review is required from one person and an approval from another, all sensitive information stays confidential and secure. With e-signature technology, information is given out on a need-to-know basis.

User- and Mobile-Friendliness

With digital signatures, it’s possible to get documents signed anywhere, anytime, on any kind of device. And, during downtime, users can submit crucial documents without compromising their security. With the right digital signature solution, documents can be sent in bulk through QR codes, embedded URLs, email, and text messages.

Signature completion is easier because progress can be tracked. Are you wondering whether a client has finalized a contract? Check its status on the web. Is the organization heading into a busy period? Automated reminders ensure timely submissions of important documents.

Start With Digital Signatures Today

Electronic signatures offer a flexible solution that works across processes such as benefits selection, liability waivers, employee onboarding, and many more. Is your company ready to get contracts, proposals, documents, and forms signed in just a few seconds? It’s possible—contact us to get started today.

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