Thomas Kurian net worth, wiki, age, family, background, twin brotherThomas Kurian net worth, wiki, age, family, background, twin brother

Updated On November 18, 2018

Former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian replaces Diane Greene, the current CEO of Google Cloud. However, she will continue working with Mr. Kurian through January to ensure a smooth transition. Diane Greene will also remain a Director on the board of Alphabet which is a Google’s parent company.

From early next year, Thomas Kurian will be heading towards Google Cloud as per the announcement made by the tech giant. Indian-American Mr. Kurian worked at Oracle for 22 years. Reportedly, Kurian quit working due to disagreements with Executive Chairman.

Diane Greene, the current CEO of Google Cloud, made a statement following the replacement which reads;

“Kurian, a respected technologist, and executive, will be joining Google Cloud on November 26 and transitioning into the Google Cloud leadership role in early 2019.”

With this let’s get to know more of Google Cloud Ceo Thomas Kurian wiki facts and Thomas Kurian background. Also, most of you all might be keen to know new Google Cloud Ceo, Thomas Kurian salary and net worth, so without any further ado, check out new CEO Thomas Kurian facts.

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Thomas Kurian Family & Background

Former President of Product Development, Thomas Kurian was born in Kerala, India. Thomas Kurian current age is 49 and comes from Pampady village of Kottayam district.

Surprisingly, Thomas has a twin brother by the name George Kurian who is just seconds older than him. The twins are the youngest among the four brothers. As for his parents, his father, self-educated, rose to success in the manufacturing industry. Whereas, his mother lived in Sri Lanka but born to Indian parents.

Mr. Kurian’s other twin George speaks of his mother for being both loving and strict. He described,

“We were all held in line by my mom. She was loving but tough. We were all raised with those Christian values and she did things very different than most Indian parents,”

Famously strict in the neighborhood, the brothers had to follow their mother’s rules. The boys had to enter at 6 p.m. after Cricket-in-the-street game. They had to wash their hands and be at the table by 6:01 otherwise, they wouldn’t get any dinner.

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Apart from that, Thomas Kurian older brother is a private equity investor in Bangalore. While his second oldest brother is a pediatrician in the U.K.

The twin brothers arrived at the U.S. at age 17 eventually attending Princeton University. Previously, Mr. Kurian went to Indian Institute of Technology Madras where he studied for six months.

Later on, he earned a BS in electrical engineering, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He also received an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Is Thomas Kurian married? Who is Thomas Kurian wife?

The business-oriented person Thomas Kurian might have flaunted his professional life to the world. However, he is an expert when it comes to his married life, wife and even children.

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For your information, Thomas Kurian is a married man. Thomas Kurian married a woman from Boston in typical style. On the other hand, Mr. Kurian’s other twin George moved to Boston to work for internet network company Akamai. There he met his wife just like his brother.

Moreover, the twin’s mother often asks them about their married life. George said,

“She (mother) constantly asks me if we’re being good husbands and fathers. That brings you down to earth.”

Well, the statement proves that they are already a father to their children. Unfortunately, Mr. Kurian has not spoken about his children till now.

Thomas Kurian Salary & Net worth

In total compensation, Thomas Kurian made $73,799,890 as a President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation where he worked from 1996 to 2018.

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Out of the total compensation, he received $800,000 as a salary, $3,612,553 as a bonus,  $69,380,000 as stock options, and $7,337 from other types of compensation.

Now you may have guessed that Thomas Kurian net worth is not less than millions of dollars. As of 2018 Thomas Kurian net worth estimation is under review and will be updated soon.

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