Did you ever wonder that one day you will be able to trap the surrounding voices using the tracking applications? No, right? Well, now it is possible, and with the best phone tracker app, you can perform such actions of recording the surrounding voices. The phone tracker applications come with many features that you can use for various functions and actions. You also find out that the phone tracking app is capable of more than just tracking the calls and messages. While you are wondering what else mobile phone tracking application can do, we can tell you more about it. The tracking applications come with the basic features of tracking and locating the targeted device, but they are also capable of recording the surrounding voices and capturing the screen. While you are skeptical about choosing the best option, we will tell you about some of the best features that you need to look for while searching for the mobile tracker app that can monitor the surrounding voices.

a). Spy 350 surround recording

This particular feature is perfect for mobile tracking applications that let the targeted device track and record the voices around the target device. It can record the voices all around the surroundings and help the force to listen to the surrounding voices and learn more about what is happening around them. This specific feature will let you record the sound around the target device in a clip of 30 to 40 seconds in the form of the sound file that you can play in MP4.

b). Video files

You can check and track the video files that are downloaded on a mobile phone. You can also check and record and track the files containing a video that was received or sent from the targeted device.

c). Call recording

When it is an important call, it becomes super important to know what the targeted user and the recipient are talking about. You can know the half of it but to know the complete contact and the conversation of both the people you need to record the call. The call recording feature of the tracking application will provide you with the liberty of call recording to let you listen to the complete contexts of the call.

d). Mic bugging

The mic bugging feature records the sound and the conversations with precision. You can listen to what other peoples are talking about that are around the targeted device. You can also use the mic bugging feature from the application to listen to the conversations that are done Undercover. It will be helpful for that host to know what the people are talking about.

e). Voice messages

You can also listen to the voice messages that are received or sent from the mobile phone. You can require these messages that are received and sent from an Instant Messenger that is downloaded on the mobile phone. You can listen to them and know the detail about any event or any other specific knowledge that you have been looking for.

f). Camera working

The camera working is another feature that lets you record the sound and the video as well. You can watch and record with the help of this camera bugging feature. There is a lot that you can explore with the help of this camera feature that lets you see the video and the people around the targeted device. You can access this feature remotely from the control panel with the help of the mobile phone tracker application.

Which application contains all the features for recording the surrounding voices?

When you are trying to have the best pick, you need to look for the application that is robust and contains all the features. TheOneSpy application will be your savior in that case.


The technology has been getting better, and the applications have been upgrading themselves all the while. The phone tracking apps that are available online may not be the best one, but some of them are top-notch and high quality. You need to have an eye for the best option available.

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